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If you are an EZY® Climb hunter or a Guardian user, send us your photo or testimonial along with written permission for us to use them.  Your successes may be included on this page in the future.  Happy Hunting!!  (To print this form, click the "print" button on your browser's tool bar)

Release form to allow use of photographs or endorsements:
(Sorry, but we must have your signature on file before we can use your photo or testimony.)
(Please print, fill in, and mail to C
ranford Manufacturing Company, Inc , PO Box 546, Rockwell, NC 28138)

I hereby grant Cranford Manufacturing Company, Inc. the right to use photographs of myself and written or spoken testimonials or endorsements for the promotion of their products in any manner useful to them.  This includes the option to use such photographs and statements in catalogs, advertisements, Internet, etc.  If this release pertains to only a specific photo or statement, that item is described below:




Date__________        Signature_______________________________________

Print Name___________________________________________________________


Phone Number_______________________________________

Email Address_______________________________________

Witness Signature  ______________________________________Date_____________

Witness Name___________________________________________________________

Witness Address__________________________________________________________

Witness Phone Number___________________________________________________

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