EZY Climb Cranford Manufacturing is an American company, located in North Carolina.  We have been manufacturing high quality tree steps and hunting accessories since 1974.  EZY Climb isn't just our trademark, it describes our products.  We love watching hunters experience the ease of use and quality of our products for the first time.  

Buy high quality, safe, well-engineered products for use when hunting from elevated stands.  Never assume that a disabling or fatal fall will not happen to you.  Use EZY Climb Tree Steps, Guardian Climbing Safety Systems and Angel Wings We want you hunting for years to come.  For your own safety please read our product warnings.

EZY Climb Tree Steps truly are "The Best Screw In The Hunting Industry".  You can easily install these steps without breaking a sweat and warning all the whitetails within miles of your presence.  Insure your success, climb with EZY Climb.  
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EZY Wear is an exciting way to show that you support "The Best Screw In The Hunting Industry!!"  It is time to make your statement by wearing the now famous "The Best Screw In The Hunting Industry" slogan.

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Guardian Climbing Safety Systems and Angel Wings were designed by engineers, who are avid Bow Hunters, with input from physicians who extensively performed autopsies on fall victims. The result is the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and effective safety equipment ever developed for use when hunting from elevated stands.
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Bowholder EZY  Bow & Gun Holder is a vinyl coated bow, gun, or accessory holder featuring the unique EZY self-tapping screw and designed to protect the finish on your equipment.  EZY means superior construction, fast and easy to use, long-term reliability, and safety.
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These successful hunters "climb to hunt" ONLY with EZY Climb Tree Steps.  Enjoy viewing the results of some of their very successful hunts and see what some of them have to say about EZY Climb Products.
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More Than A Name

EZY Climb means easiest and fastest installation. Place the point of an EZY Climb step next to the bark of a hardwood tree and begin to turn.  The step virtually installs itself. 

Published eArticles by Karen L Cranford, President of Cranford Mfg.

Proper Safety Gear: Cool For Life!

Hunting From High Places

Tree Stand Dangers

Tree Damage

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